Sandara Park, of Korean girl group 2NE1, has been offered to be the lead female character for the Korean version of the Hollywood movie "Step Up."

An official of the movie stated: "Currently we have just relayed the scenario to Sandara Park. We want to cast her for the movie, given her experience in singing, dancing and also acting in both Korea and back in the Philippines."

A YG Entertainment representative also said: "Not just for this movie, we have received many offers for other dramas and movies. She promoted as actress back in the Philippines, but under our company she is promoting as a singer as part of 2NE1, but even so she has also been practicing her acting regularly. Sandara Park will show her improvement features not only through music by also through movies and dramas."

Sandara Park has been in numerous television series and five movies in the Philippines, and has a special appearance in the 2009 MBC drama "Return of Iljimae" as Rie.

The said movie should not be confused with the upcoming K-drama musical "What's Up" wherein fellow YG Entertainment artiste, DaeSung of Big Bang, will be the lead.


Spring has come, the season that makes the hearts of many girls flutter. As the spring wind blows softly, Sandara’s heart also flutters.

“Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Shim-Cong from the Korean Cinderella story all met their Princes on a white horse but why haven’t I~.”

The 27 year old Sandara Park dreams of love. As she tells [me] that she sincerely wants to go out with someone with her wide opened round eyes, I became curious about the kind of prince she dreams of.

“Hm… Won Bin and Kang Dong Won? (haha) I’m kind of sad that Won Bin is not so active these days. He was really cool in the drama “Kkok-ji”. I am into tough, young boys and in ”Kkok-ji” Won Bin was exactly that.”

Sandara Park, who is still lost in the dream of finding love, has discovered that in love, she is a fool. And on top of that, Sandara Park isn’t very good at speaking in front of men.

“I don’t have much ae-gyo (cute act) and can’t talk easily to men. Men say a few words to me and then they leave because my response is kind of awkward for them. The members who have seen this tell me ‘You will never get a boyfriend unless you change that about you’.“

‘The fool Dara’ Sandara Park has had only one experience in the field of love. She had a boyfriend whom she dated for about one year but they kind of grew apart. After that, and for a long time, she has been ’single’. She expressed her impatience [for finding a boyfriend] without hesitation.

“When I become close to someone, my personality becomes bright. In 2NE1, I am in charge of being ‘frivolous’. It’s a bit hard to get to know me but once you know me, I am ‘frivolous’ Sandara.“

Sandara Park says that she doesn’t think she’s very popular, but in reality, she is the dream girl for many Korean boys. The number of male celebrities who pick Sandara Park is not small either.

“I think there are a few people who pick me as their ideal girl. I saw it on air too. But how come none of them ever contact me? I thought ‘why don’t they contact me’. I don’t think I’m very popular. There is no one around me that pays attention to me, but I’m with my managers all the time. It’s a bit saddening.”

For Sandara ‘fool Dara’ Park, Yang Hyun-Suk has even changed the contract agreement. But Sandara Park still feels a bit sad.

“Mr. YG has shortened the no-boyfriend clause in the contract from 5 to 3 years. But I don’t think it will do anything. Three years from now, I’ll be in my 30s. Work is important. [But] I am confident that I can be in love and do well in work at the same time.”

When she was younger, Sandara Park dreamed of being married at the age of 22. She wanted to wear a wedding dress when she was at her prettiest and best stage.

“I don’t want it to be after 30. But I think it will have to due to the contract. It makes me sad. There aren’t a lot of opportunities either..”


2NE1 is now one of the best female groups in Korea sweeping tons of awards lately and part of the group is the Philippine Cinderella, Sandara Park. We all know Sandara Park of 2ne1 for her edgy hairstyle, great sense of fashion, Goofy personality and pretty face. All these things make her unique and different from all the other girls.

Sandara Park stands out the most among all the other members of the other girl groups. Recently, Sandara Park is getting tons of fanboys and admirers, and gaining more and more popularity each day despite the rumours and issues about Dara being the worst singer. Because of her being different and pretty, male celebrities have chosen her over some famous female celebrities as their "ideal" girl. One of them was FTIsland drummer, Choi Minhwan who recently broadcasted to the whole Korea about his ideal girl, which was Dara. Aside from Minhwan, some of the guys who also admitted and have chosen Dara as their ideal girl were, UKISS members Kevin and Alexander who chose Sandara Park over Lee Hyori as his ideal girl in Ukiss Vampire show, 2AM members Jiwoon and Seulong,who chose dara as closest to his ideal girl, because he likes her EYES, MC Mong, who chose Dara 4 times in a game as his ideal girl, Park Hae Jin who chose her over UEE, MBLAQ member Lee Joon, who admitted in a radio broadcast that she was his ideal girl, when he was asked which one of thunder and mir's sisters he likes best, and he chose Mir's sisters because they're close, but admitted that Dara was his ideal girl.. and last but not the least was Wooyoung of 2PM, who picked Dara as his ideal girl and answered Dara in all the 5 survey questions asked to him about 2ne1. Some other celebrities were just hug fans of Dara, like ZE:A members who were caught having a poster of Dara in Cass advertisement in their room., Super Junior, Heechul and more. What can we say, Dara is the new "IT" girl :)

She won in Mnet Top 100 idols as the new "IT" girl

Dara is also the Me2Day Queen, gaining her more and more fans and popularity eachday. Aside from Me2Day, Dara has also the most visited site in Cyworld

Dara was also voted as #1 edge girl. Even the netizens voted for her 48% voted for her, out of 2242 votes, she got almost half of the votes which was 1083 votes.

During the live radio broadcast with 2ne1. A survey was conducted to Big Bang, 2PM and 2AM and Dara won in the survey "Which one of the 2ne1 members is closest to their ideal girls" getting half of the votes (6/12). and Wooyoung of 2pm who was given 5 questions about 2ne1 answered Dara to all 5 questions.

A survey was again conducted about the NEXT LEE HYORI, and Dara was nominated together with the 2 other Big Names in Kpop, Yoona of SNSD and UAEE of AfterSchool. But guess who got the most votes ?... just watch this

Seems like our dear Dara's career is starting to get better and better. Soon enough, she'll be just as famous as the other Celebrities. And soon, she'll be one of the biggest names youll ever see not just in Kpop but in Acting Industry. Keep up the good work Dara (:

Afterall, this is the beginning of Dara's inevitable's victory in Korea !


Sandara Park of 2NE1 was the guest on this weeks SBS' Family Outing and got a cold welcome from Lee Hyori. It seemed as if Hyori didn't like her inevitable successor in the KPop scene.

Like always in Family Outing, the celebs cook on their own and Sandara decided to make kimchi pancakes. During the preparation, Hyori would talk cold to Sandara as if she was jealous. Of course, this was all for fun and giggles.

Hyori asked how much Dara weights and she replied with 40kg (88 pounds). Sandara then told a story about how when she was in her teens growing up in the Philippines, she used to be a big fan of Hyori. She blamed Hyori for her not being able to grow tall because she once saw how Hyori loved melons and she decided to take melons from Philippines in her backpack to Korea. Her friends said they were going to go see Hyori so they went and waited in front of her house when Hyori's mom came out. Sandara gave the melon to Hyori's mom and in return the mom gave her a signed picture of Hyori. Sandara left without getting to meet Hyori and Hyori asked "you did all that and you didn't get to meet me?... there are lots of kids like that."
Hyori then asked Dara if she had a username on Hyori's fan cafe. Dara replied with, "of course! it was 'Eyes Smile Wabang Hyol' (named after Hyori's famous smiling with her eyes).


DARA (2ne1) vs YOONA (SNSD) vs UAEE (AfterSchool)

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin and 2AM’s Seulong are set to premiere tomorrow for their new drama Personal Taste

MBC's upcoming drama Personal Taste, with its starring casts, Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin and 2AM's Seulong, are set to premiere tomorrow. Part 1 of the drama's soundtrack was released today!

Check them out :)

Younha – Can’t Believe It

Kim Tae Woo - Dropping Rain

With Yesung of Super Junior’s track for KBS2TV’s upcoming drama Cinderella’s Sister revealed earlier, it looks like the battle between the two dramas has already started.

Stay tuned to the premiere of Personal Taste and Cinderella’s Sister tomorrow!

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